Important information

General Terms and Conditions

Easy Nuts BV


In these general terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Easy Nuts: the website Easy Nuts, other websites that link to Easy Nuts and the support services provided by Easy Nuts;

Contractor: the person who wishes to enter into a contract or to pass on a change of address via Easy Nuts with one of the participating Energy suppliers, Water suppliers, Internet, Insurance companies, Telecom suppliers, etc;

Supplier: Energy supplier, Water supplier, Telecom supplier, Insurer with whom the contracting party has entered into an agreement following the intervention of Easy Nuts, to which the general terms and conditions of the energy supplier, water supplier, Internet supplier and insurer apply.

Agreement: the agreements recorded in a form, document or in any other way, under which one or more services will be performed by Easy Nuts BV;

Services : the services to be provided by Easy Nuts BV such as information provision, automatic postcode check, mediation between contracting party and suppliers, sale of energy, water, internet, insurance and mobile and other broadband services and sale of hardware and other products.

Business: the mediation between the Contractor who has concluded an agreement with one of the suppliers and these suppliers by Easy Nuts BV.


Easy Nuts BV will perform one or more services as described in the agreement. Changes in the scope and/or content of a service must be agreed in writing and will then form part of the agreement.


By using the services of Easy Nuts BV you declare that you have read and agree with the complete contents of these general terms and conditions, and that Easy Nuts BV cannot be held responsible for the articles, members and sub-members mentioned in these general terms and conditions.

The services of Easy Nuts B.V. to contracting party will cease after contracting party has been connected to one of the participating suppliers or has been informed that due to, but not limited to, technical or administrative limitations he/she cannot use the services of the supplier. After connection or rejection of the subscription requested by Easy Nuts Bv to the supplier, there will no longer be an agreement in any capacity between Easy Nuts B.V. and contracting party and contracting party can no longer make any claims on the services delivered by Easy Nuts B.V., at Easy Nuts B.V.'s discretion.


To the extent reasonably necessary, Contractor will cooperate in the performance of the Agreement. It will inter alia provide necessary information to Easy Nuts BV, to employees of Easy Nuts or to third parties engaged by Easy Nuts BV and will take measures to enable Easy Nuts BV to render its services properly.

The employees of Easy Nuts BV or any third party engaged by Easy Nuts BV will comply with the Contractor's access arrangements and/or security measures as specified in the Agreement.


Each party is obliged to keep confidential with respect to third parties all data of a confidential nature, in whatever form, obtained from the other party. Login data and passwords are for personal use of the contracting party only and may never be made public in any way.

Intellectual property law

The Agreement does not purport to transfer ownership of goods and software, and/or intellectual property rights in goods and software used by Easy Nuts BV in the performance of the Service.

The intellectual property rights to any data produced by Easy Nuts BV for the purpose of executing the agreement, such as reports, advice and documentation, will remain with Easy Nuts BV. The contracting party will obtain a non-exclusive right of use to the data, limited to the purpose for which the data were supplied.

If third parties wish to enforce rights in respect of the goods, software or data referred to in paragraph 2 or wish to take measures such as seizure, the contracting party must inform them of the rights of Easy Nuts BV. The contracting party must immediately inform Easy Nuts BV.


All prices quoted on Easy Nuts are from the suppliers and are subject to change. All prices are quoted in Euros and are inclusive of 21% VAT if not specifically mentioned. Rates such as subscription costs, network costs, taxes, connection costs, modem costs and insurance tax and other related costs are subject to change and may change in the interim. Contractors who have been activated by the supplier will no longer have a relationship with Easy Nuts Bv from the moment of activation. Contractors will be kept informed of interim changes in tariffs by the relevant Internet Service Provider. Easy Nuts Bv will have no further influence on this and can never be held liable.


The supplier shall charge the amounts owed by the contracting party by means of an invoice. Payment must be made to a bank or giro account indicated by the supplier, in the manner and within the term stipulated on the invoice. If no term is stated on the invoice, a payment term of 30 days will apply. Payments will be processed by the supplier without the intervention of Easy Nuts BV unless otherwise indicated. Easy Nuts BV cannot be held responsible for any problems between the contracting party and the supplier and cannot be held liable for any resulting damage.

If the Contractor has not paid on time, the Supplier shall notify him in writing, setting a further deadline for payment. If payment has not been made by the deadline set, the Contractor shall be in default without further notice of default.

The agreement

The agreement between contracting party and Easy Nuts BV is entered into for an indefinite period. The agreement between contracting party and Easy Nuts BV will be automatically terminated upon expiration of the subscriptions and/or transfer notices of contracting party with the respective supplier.

The agreement between the contracting party and the Supplier shall be entered into for a fixed period of time. The contract between the contracting party and the supplier shall be tacitly renewed on expiry of the agreed period with a model contract for an indefinite period at a variable rate.

The Suppliers and the Contractor may only terminate the agreement, subject to the provisions of the Supplier's general terms and conditions provided by Easy Nuts BV, by and after the expiry of the agreed (renewal) period unless:

otherwise agreed with the Contractor;

the Contractor chooses to pay the contractually agreed penalty in the event of early termination of the contract;

a situation as referred to in Article 6, paragraph 3, or Article 13, paragraph 3 under b.

Notice of termination must be given directly to the Supplier with due observance of a period as stated in the Supplier's terms and conditions of delivery provided by Easy Nuts BV, unless otherwise agreed.


Easy Nuts BV shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the contracting party due to shortcomings of Easy Nuts BV in the execution of the indefinite agreement.

The contracting party acting in the course of a profession or business shall indemnify Easy Nuts BV against claims for compensation from third parties.

Final provision

Easy Nuts BV has the right to amend these terms and conditions and to apply the amended terms and conditions to existing agreements.

In case Easy Nuts BV declares the amended terms and conditions applicable to existing agreements, Easy nuts will publish the amendments in good time via the various information channels it has available for this purpose. They will then come into force 30 days after such announcement or on a later date which may be specified in the announcement.

With regard to general conditions of suppliers:

Supplier may change its general terms and conditions without the intervention of Easy Nuts BV and will make these known to the contracting party, Easy Nuts BV has no influence on decisions of Supplier and cannot be held liable or responsible for them;

If the Contractor does not wish to accept a change in the Supplier's general terms and conditions, he may terminate the contract with the Supplier by the date on which the changed conditions come into force, if this is included in the general terms and conditions of the Supplier with which the Contractor enters into the contract;

Cancellation must be made to the Supplier in accordance with the conditions set out in the Supplier's general terms and conditions, cancellation of your agreement with the Supplier must not be made to Easy Nuts BV.

The agreement is governed by Dutch law.

All disputes arising from the agreement will be settled by the competent court according to law.