Frequently asked questions


Is your service free of charge?

Yes, as a customer you pay our nothing we get paid through the suppliers with the exception of the water suppliers.

Can I terminate my agreement?

Yes, every contract can be cancelled free of charge within 14 days after confirmation.

Can I also take out insurance with you?

No, we do not have an AFM licence ourselves, but we cooperate with European Insurance BV, which helps our clients with the right insurances.

Can I make a complaint to you?

Yes, it's really annoying that you are not satisfied with our service. We will be happy to help you further. Please send an e-mail to

Can you stop my current contracts?

No, due to new AVG legislation we are no longer allowed to do this. Of course you can do this yourself in your personal account of the supplier.

You can also send an e-mail to customer service:

Can you stop my current contracts?

You can do this online or we will contact you by phone to help you.

How come the start date of the contract is different from my key date?

In the Netherlands, you always have a 14-day cooling-off period, which is why the actual starting date is sometimes further away. The energy company always looks at the beginning meter reading of the key transfer.

Are the prices you show all-in?

Yes, we are obliged to make a fully customised offer that includes all costs. Please note that the termly amounts are always an estimate of the annual consumption. If you consume more, you will have to pay extra at the end of the year.

What is a variable energy contract?

A variable energy contract can be cancelled monthly without penalty. The rates of variable contracts are fixed for 6 months and change in January and July.

What happens when my energy contract expires?

The energy contract will then automatically change to a variable contract. We can always offer a new contract.

Can I move my energy contract to a new house?

Yes, you can move the energy contract to a new home completely free of charge.

The network supplier is threatening to cut me off. Can I arrange an energy contract urgently?

In the Netherlands, you are obliged to take on an energy supplier at your new address. If you do not do this in time, you will receive a warning and then be disconnected. Easy Nuts can do an urgent registration whereby the new energy contract will be visible at the network supplier within 48 hours.

What kind of internet can I get in my new home?

This depends on the connections available in the house: ADSL, Cable or Fibre optic. Do the postcode check of Easy Nuts to find out. Check here!

How fast can you arrange internet?

We adhere to the following:

  • ADSL: 14 days KPN, T-Mobile, Youfone and Budget Thuis
  • Cable: 4 days Ziggo and CAIWAY
  • Fibre optic: 16 days KPN, T-Mobile, Youfone and Budget Thuis

Will I also get a WIFI modem?

Yes, all internet providers we work with provide a WIFI modem on loan: KPN, Ziggo, T-Mobile, Youfone, CAIWAY and Budget Thuis.

My internet is much slower than stated before?

Speed is always measured directly connected to the modem. Speed over WIFI is almost always slower. You can improve the speed by moving the modem to another location. A WIFI amplifier often helps too.

Are your prices more expensive than those of the Internet provider?

Yes, we apply the same prices. We also have special propositions for the moving customer!

I have technical problems with my internet?

First of all, always switch the modem on and off. If it still does not work, contact your internet provider.

You offer SIM cards with unlimited calls and unlimited data?

Yes, that's right on the basis of fair use policy comes down to about 5GB per day.

How soon will I receive my SIM card?

We will usually deliver your SIM card the next working day.

Which mobile providers do you work with?

We work with Lebara and Budget Thuis.

Do you also have monthly cancellable Sim Only?

Yes, we offer monthly Sim Only.

Can I also keep my current number?

Yes, we will gladly take care of this for you. We will port your number to the new SIM card.

Is a Sim Only cheaper than a contract with a phone?

Yes, a Sim Only subscription is much cheaper per month.

Which water supplier can I choose from?

The choice of water supplier depends on the region you are in.

What will I pay per month?

This depends on the type of house and the number of people. As a guideline, use approximately 10 euros per person.

Can the water supplier be cancelled monthly?

Yes, you can cancel it free of charge when you move again.

Where is my water meter?

Your water meter accurately records how much water you consume. It can be located in:

  • the meter cupboard
  • the crawl hatch behind the front door
  • the meter pit in the garden
  • the common meter room*
  • another (different) location

Why and when do I have to report the meter reading?

Every year, you receive a periodic bill, which is based on your water consumption in the previous period. In order to be able to charge for your water consumption, we need the correct meter reading. We send it by e-mail or post for each postcode area. On your contract confirmation you can see when you can expect your periodic bill. You will receive the letter or e-mail in the month prior to this.

Am I obliged to take water?

Yes, in the Netherlands you are obliged to purchase water, electricity and gas when you move into a new home.

If I move house, am I obliged to take out insurance?

In most cases, you are obliged to take out insurance. If you buy a property with a bank loan, the bank usually requires buildings insurance. If you rent a property, the rental agreement usually requires you to take out liability insurance and glass insurance. You can find this in the rental agreement or mortgage deed.

Which insurances should I take?

When renting a flat, most people choose liability insurance and contents insurance with glass coverage. For owner-occupied houses, they choose building insurance, contents insurance and liability insurance.

What does home insurance cover?

In general, household insurance covers all damage to household contents caused by water, storm, fire, theft and vandalism.

Can I also take out insurance with Easy Nuts?

No, we work together with a specialised partner European Insurance licensed by the AFM to give advice. We can only pass on your name and address details for advice.