New iPhones 2019


New iPhones 2019

What new innovation is Apple bringing

What do we already know about iPhone 2019?

Like every year, Apple releases new phones around September. What Apple will call this year's iPhones is a big mystery, but that they will look a lot like the 2018 iPhones is pretty much a given. The screen size is likely to remain unchanged, with a 6.1-inch oled display for the successor to the iPhone XR, a 5.8-inch screen for the new iPhone XS and the largest 6.5-inch display for the new XS Max. Sony, meanwhile, is said to be busy producing 3D camera lenses for new iPhones, but the 2019 iPhones appear too early for that. Still, the 2019 iPhone takes a big step by adding a third camera lens to the device. The first renders appeared back in January this year and show how Apple is considering a huge camera bump on the back of the device. This will contain three lenses, the flash and the microphone...

New features

  1. USB-C connection instead of Lightning
  2. The new A13 chip
  3. a triple camera lens
  4. Faster WiFi and 5G support
  5. gradient colours
  6. same design
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