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About us

Easy Nuts is an innovative platform for real estate professionals to unburden their customers with services in and around the home such as energy, internet, TV, mobile, water, insurance and sustainable products.
Get to know us

Mission & vision

Helping as many people as possible in a move both nationally and internationally with services in and around the house.

Making as many people as possible happy when they get the keys to their new homes and everything has been properly arranged.

Get to know us

The History

We originated in Rotterdam in 2018.

Today's utility companies are so set up for people to switch from one supplier to another that it is difficult to transfer everything when you move especially if you come from a different country In 2018, the idea came to build a platform where all utilities could be transferred bundled in multiple languages. This platform has proven to be a great success due to the many real estate professionals who use it on a daily basis. We started in April 2018 in Rotterdam-Oost. Recently, we have been located in the beautiful scheepskwartier in Rotterdam at the ferry port.

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Deeds not words

"We stand for personal advice

We help people who are moving within or to the Netherlands with the connection of their utilities and various other services in and around the house.
We are ready for you!

A professional team

The Easy Nuts team is at your service 24/7! We help people who are moving to Belgium.

Jeffrey Stoffels

Managing Director


Ramon Schenke

Commercial Manager

Jason Berg

Sales Manager

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Naomi Koppelaar

Compliance officer