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The Easy Nuts comparator

With our all-in-one comparer you get insight into the best packages for electricity, gas, energy, internet, TV, calls, mobile, insurance and water! The more you put together, the more you benefit!

Why compare with Easy Nuts?

Easily arrange energy, internet, TV, telephone, water, mobile, insurance and even sustainable products via our platform. All products can be bundled together free of charge and arranged with the press of a button. A new home and arrange everything in one go.

  • Including sustainability check; how much can you save with green initiatives?
  • The biggest A brands at the lowest price
  • All-in-one comparer; no hassle and take out several packages at once!
  • Experienced and qualified staff; we are not done until you are satisfied
  • Arranged within 24 hours! Fast and no hassle.
  • Multilingual
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