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As a real estate agent, you want to provide added value to your customers who are relocating. Easily connect utilities such as electricity, gas, internet, mobile, fire insurance, water on an innovative platform.
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Easy Nuts platform

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We help people moving within Belgium with the connection of their utilities, such as telecom, water and energy products. Easy Nuts advises you which product suits you best.

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We cooperate with many reliable suppliers in the Netherlands.

Estate agents

When the property is rented or sold, the utilities have to be arranged for the tenant or seller. On our platform, you can quickly and easily arrange everything such as energy, internet, water and mobile. You will receive a fee per product per customer.

Relocation agency

We specialise in taking the hassle out of expatriates with all the utilities in all languages. You can arrange everything quickly and easily on our platform. You will receive a fee per product per customer.

Is your customer moving?

We help your customer with all contracts such as: energy, internet, TV, mobile, insurance.

Housing corporation

When you rent the house, we arrange the utilities for the new tenant. The new tenant receives a savings box worth 85 euros to save more energy. We keep the tenant informed with savings tips.

Rental agents

When you rent out a new house, the new occupant is obliged to arrange for energy and water. Simply arrange it via the Easy Nuts platform and get paid for it too.

Financial Service Providers

You give mortgage advice and also tell the customer the truth about money. Immediately arrange utilities for the client and generate a Sustainability Report.

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After signing the agreement, you are fully operational to shoot applications for utilities. You can immediately carry out inspections for new residents.

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Do you, as a real estate office, want to provide more digitalisation and added value to your customers who are moving house? Easily connect utilities such as electricity, gas, internet, mobile, fire insurance and water to an innovative platform? Then sign up as a partner via the button below.