Making your home more sustainable


Our mission is to make every home in the Netherlands energy efficient by offering a smart platform where  …??

Build a sustainable future together

The national government is reducing CO-2 emissions by switching to sustainable energy. Therefore, after 2050 you will no longer be able to heat or cook on gas. This will only be possible with sustainable installations. The government has various subsidies for the purchase of these.

Making your home energy efficient doesn’t have to be difficult. Relatively simple solutions provide immediate comfort and savings. The Easy Nuts platform immediately shows the savings and investments on the energy bill.

Good for the environment, but also for your bill

All the energy you keep inside your home you don’t have to buy or generate. First you start with insulation, a relatively low investment and maximum return. The next step is to install solar panels. The number of solar panels depends on your current consumption and roof area. Most homes are heated by district heating or natural gas. A heat pump is the solution to heat a home so you can completely turn off the gas. All investments will pay off by saving on your energy bill.

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Meer weten?

Neem contact met ons op!

Onze support staat altijd voor u klaar met persoonlijk advies.

+32 78 48 47 20

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Our sustainable products

Solar panels

Top quality solar power systems. Generate your own energy for your home and save quickly.

Heat pumps

A heat pump extracts heat from the air, groundwater or soil and releases it into your home. Want to get rid of gas?

Charging stations

Easily connect your electric vehicle to your own charging station in front of your house. Quickly and easily arranged.


You can choose from cavity wall insulation, roof insulation or floor insulation. Keep all the heat in the house as much as possible.